The Program for Latin American & Latinos Studies is a teaching and research academic unit committed to promoting knowledge of and public engagement with the many peoples that comprise Latin America, the Caribbean, and the U.S. Latina/o/x community. The program cultivates a vibrant intellectual environment that stimulates collaborative and interdisciplinary research, provides comprehensive education appropriate for all university students at the University of Arkansas, and generates comparative knowledge of the many populations and their varied experiences, based on race, class, culture, ethnicity, and gender and sexuality, of the above communities. The program will also endeavor to conduct all necessary on and off campus outreach in pursuit of the goals listed above.
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Students wishing to maximize their potential for academic, professional, business, non-profit, or government careers related to the area, may earn a co-major in Latin American and Latino studies together with a primary major in another discipline in Fulbright College. This co-major can compliment a major you are already committed to and offer perfect overlap with gaps in many of your other classes.

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Regardless of your major, the LALS minor may be earned in combination with any major across the university. For students interested in exploring topics surronding Latin America and Latino/as living in the United States, you can find several classes that will align with your interests and compliment your academic career. You can earn a minor taking electives you may have already been considering.

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Thank you for visiting the home page of Latin American and Latino Studies (LALS), an interdisciplinary area and ethnic studies program in the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Arkansas. The LALS program provides in-depth exposure to the key geographic regions, historical trajectories, social modes, languages, and political, economic, and cultural systems of Latin America and the Latina/o U.S.


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